Our Mission

To provide customized language and literacy consulting to build expertise in administrators and teachers so they can help their schools enhance language and literacy programs to continually improve student achievement.

Language and Literacy Consulting, Inc. was established in 2010 by Laurie Leiker Winter. After more than a decade of successful consulting engagements with school districts across Kansas on a part-time basis, Ms. Winter established a full-time consultancy dedicated to helping schools improve student achievement in language and literacy.

Laurie Winter presenting.

Laurie recommends current resources on the Common Core State Standards and text complexity at a recent professional learning session with teachers.




Ms. Winter has worked in the field of education for more than 20 years. Since receiving her master's degree in education and reading specialist license she has developed literacy as her primary area of expertise and is recognized at the state level for her significant contributions in this important field.

 Comments from Kansas Reading Academy participants

I came in knowing very little about teaching reading. I'm leaving knowing a lot…and wanting to know more. Being an upper elementary teacher—I needed this!

Awesome materials with a variety of activities to reinforce and keep us moving. I enjoyed the activities. There were a lot of things that I can go back and use tomorrow. Thank you for the wonderful resource notebook and books.

I felt so much more prepared to do my job after attending the academy. I enjoyed learning new things to help with interventions. This academy was a positive experience—I left feeling renewed as a teacher with wonderful strategies to share with my colleagues.

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